We wanted to know more about our speakers and their point of view in this competitive industry, so we set up some interviews that will tell you a little more about their perspective. #TeCOMM asked, Sorin Dumitru answered. 

We rise THE question to the industry: Do you have what it takes to play in the big league? What do you think should every big player must have so he could answer with a confident YES to our question? 🙂 

We are already playing in the big league on multiple business areas. Our community of entrepreneurs and our online portal sets apart from what exists on the market by promoting content written by specialists in multiple fields, we are not doing journalism. We offer access to tools and professional services through our platform and stimulate the growth of the economy by helping new entrepreneurs succed. So, a big player must have vision and a strong strategy and a very good implementation plan in order to obtain the objectives.

  • This year’s theme focuses on mistakes. Which is the biggest mistake you have made as a professional in this field and what have you learned from it? 

Promoting a product that is not fully mature and investing in it.

  •  Mention 3 brands that you love and why 

Startupprojects.ro: they deliver professional consultancy services and proved their expertise in the field.
Mercedes – Benz: for promoting the same high top quality cars and innovation in the field, Armani: perfumes.

  • One thing that Google doesn’t know about you 

All the services and products we are working on to be promoted soon

  • The book you are currently reading: 

Intelepciunea psihopatilor – Kevin Dutton

Founder & CEO, Digital Marketing Strategist, Antreprenor în România 

Sorin DUMITRU is the Founder and CEO of www.AntreprenorInRomania.ro, business portal dedicated to the Romanian business environment through which Romanian entrepreneurs can showcase their initiatives, expertise and business offers, facilitating in the same time the communication, networking, development of partnerships, services exchange and diversification of client networks. As an expert in national and international business development and innovation management, Sorin Dumitru is deeply involved in identifying the best solutions, practices and tools for companies sustainable and efficient development, either if we speak of best management approaches or communication and marketing tools and strategies.