We wanted to know more about our speakers and their point of view in this competitive industry, so we set up some interviews that will tell you a little more about their perspective.
#TeCOMM asked, Patricia Bertea answered. 

  • We rise THE question to the industry: Do you have what it takes to play in the big league? What do you think should every big player must have so he could answer with a confident YES to our question? 

Yes, definitely. I believe commitment to creating great experiences for your clients is something every big player should have. And we are here to do that.

  • This year’s theme focuses on #mistakes. Which is the biggest mistake you have made as a professional in this field and what have you learned from it? 

I think mixing friendship with business is the biggest mistake I did. It’s best if you draw a line between those, best for friendship and also for business.

  • Mention 3 brands that you love and why 

Musette – because they have very comfortable shoes with great design – don’t really enjoy their e-shop though
Amazon – because of great prices and services.
Lexus – because of their customer experience focus

  • One thing that Google doesn’t know about you 

Difficult to say, but probably Google doesn’t know how I FEEL when I see my son smiling.

  • The book you are currently reading.

WTF?: What’s the Future of Business?: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences by BRIAN SOLIS

Patricia Bertea is the Founder Humanize & Managing Partner Brandweb

Patricia describes herself as an entrepreneur with a strong orientation to research and marketing strategy, as well as with a fervent interest in innovation.

She runs her own digital marketing agency since 2005 and she also teaches university students about the wonders of marketing.

Throughout the years, she has initiated creative projects and campaigns.

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