We wanted to know more about our speakers and their point of view in this competitive industry, so we set up some interviews that will tell you a little more about their perspective.
#TeCOMM asked, Juan Carlos Dueñas Milian answered.

  • We rise THE question to the industry: Do you have what it takes to play in the big league? What do you think should every big player must have so he could answer with a confident YES to our question?

24-48 hr response to the customer and interaction. Be Fast Fast Fast and make things Easy Easy Easy. So even your Grandmother can become your customer.

  • This year’s theme focuses on mistakes. Which is the biggest mistake you have made as a professional in this field and what have you learned from it?

I understand it means the mistake for the company. Under my point of view, to rely to much in promotion and set newsletters 6 months in advance, is what I think a total lack of appropriate way of working in this market.

  • Mention 3 brands that you love and why:

Zara – one of the best performance players in the retail business
Asos – great Ecomm player with young approach
Cheap Mondays – I love the social media interaction they have

  • One thing that Google doesn’t know about you:

I cheat on my diet

  • The book you are currently reading:

Creative Personal Branding

Juan Carlos Dueñas Milian is Senior Manager Ecommerce @ Esprit. His expertise includes, but is not limited to:

    • Experience in Global Fast Fashion retailers such as Inditex Mango and Esprit
    • Website management from the selection of the right product amounts and replenishment to the site. Menu, Parrell and Product site Management and optimization
    • Commercial campaigns and strategies to improve the sales and achieve growth
    • Content Management: from product description to image selection and work on Banners and website development.
    • Customer Experience improves, making it easy and friendly
    • Returns process and delivery optimization and projects to reduce returns involving extended reality.

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