We wanted to know more about our speakers and their point of view in this competitive industry, so we set up some interviews that will tell you a little more about their perspective. #TeCOMM asked, James Poulter answered. 

  1. We rise THE question to the industry: Do you have what it takes to play in the big league? What do you think should every big player must have so he could answer with a confident YES to our question? 🙂

Principles, Values & Trust – in the world of technology constantly shifting our experience of daily life – consumers and businesses more than ever are not just looking at what they buy, but whom they buy it from. For this reason to truly have an impact that outlasts not just this quarter, but this generation you need to truly know what you are building it and WHY. 

2.This year’s theme focuses on mistakes. Which is the biggest mistake you have made as a professional in this field and what have you learned from it?

Assuming that only the early adopters would be those that would pick these new conversational ways of speaking to brands and companies. In reality all ages and life stages are engaging because technology is gradually becoming more democratic. No where is this more present in voice – because it’s the ultimate leveller – we all know how to use it.

3. Mention 3 brands that you love and why

COS – their simplicity and style and focus on quality whilst being part of a major group is fantastic. 

Headspace – They are teaching us all how to be more mindful and aware of ourselves which is needed more today than ever before.

The BBC – One of the UK’s oldest institutions that is continually reinventing itself.

4. One thing that Google doesn’t know about you

My Amazon shopping history… for now.

5. The book you are currently reading.

Farsighted by Steven Johnson on how we make decisions.

As Head of The LEGO Group’s Emerging Platforms & Partnerships team as part of the Digital Consumer Engagement division, James Poulter is pursuing new technologies, platforms and partners to build digital consumer engagement with LEGO customers, shoppers and consumers on a global basis.

James previously was the Social Lead for LEGO’s social network for Kids, LEGO Life – which launched globally in 2017 and has since grown to over 1m active users regularly posting their content to the world’s first global and safe social network for kids.

Meet him at TeCOMM, 9-10 November, Cluj-Napoca!