March 25, 2014

TeCOMM 2013 (en)

40+ Speakers featuring entrepreneurs, specialists, investors
– Debating trend industry, mobile and social commerce, succes models, entrepreneurship and innovation
– Three days, over 300 participants, presentations, discussion panels and workshops
– Expo zone, exclusive party, excellent networking opportunities
– Awards gala

TECOMM approaches:

– Business people and companies that have online stores or want a start-up on this market;
– People involved in the online sales&marketing;
– Specialists / consultants in ecommerce, design / usability, email marketing, SEO, advertisers;
– Providers: epayment solutions, financial services, hosting solutions, telecom and courier services.

The event aims to find practical solutions for problems we face every day: sites, SEO, conversions and lower costs, online and offline promotions, branding and rebranding, social media marketing strategies.

Two new conferences:

Digital Travel Forum 2013 will focus on latest practices, tools and online strategies to gain all the cutting-edge social media and mobile intelligence, practical know-how, profitable contacts and deals you need to storm ahead of your rivals to be more efficient, effective, and profitable.

HotSpot Fashion : Retail meets e-commerce
We are gathering brands that developed by opening online stores, independents that only sell online, designers in need to find a place to sell their creations, content creators that help in the selling process and specialists that take care of technological and logistical issues.