CEO & Fondator @ NETOPIA

Antonio Eram

With more then 20 years of experience on the local online & digital market, Antonio Eram founded his own business, NETOPIA Payments, in 2005.

Today, the company is the leading player of the Romanian digital & mobile payment market. Withheadquarters in Bucharest and an office in the US, in California, NETOPIA mobilPay has developed in thefirst Romanian product ever awarded in a fintech competition from Silicon Valley.

The Romanian mobilPay Wallet app, developed by the NETOPIA team, ranked among top 3 most voted technologies at the first startup dedicated expo in the US. mobilPay Wallet is also among the most awarded payment solutions in Romania, declared the year’spremiere at the Nocash Gala in 2014. In the same year, the app ranked also the first position at the Mobile Award Romania, in the Payment category. In 2015, the NETOPIA mobilPay innovation was once again recognized with the „Premiere of the year” distinction, while one of its top partners received the„shop of the year” award, also at the Nocash Gala.