Talking about customer experience and actually doing it properly are two completely different things – Mike Bainbridge (Rackspace)

July 7, 2017

As Chief Digital Technologist at Rackspace, Mike enables customers to navigate the complex world of digital technology partners, cloud platforms and industry trends.With an unrivaled enthusiasm, he helps businesses realise their digital potential and become more successful online.

“I think in the digital world it’s becoming more and more important to focus on the customer. Everyone talks about customer experience, but talking about it and actually doing it properly are two completely different things.”

What makes the difference between success and failure in eCommerce?

“I think it’s companies who put themselves in the customers’ shoes and really take that outside in approach to understand customers’ needs rather than their business needs. When you look at that in terms of metrics things like revenue can be really important to their business metrics, but at the end of the day your customer doesn’t care about that. They just care about things like performance and how well you deliver your solution.”

Watch the full interview:


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