“Ask your customers. Sometimes just pick up the phone and ask why didn’t you finish, why did you leave? Some of the good CEOs they just pick up the phone and say I’m puzzled, I’m happy that you came to my site but you didn’t buy, what happened? And sometimes this is better than all the numbers.

And if you wonder how does the future of eCommerce look like…

What is also quite interesting in our region, in Central and Eastern Europe, is that it’s not that the cheapest wins and it’s not that coupons are the right way to go. What really matters, and we spoke a lot about this at this conference, is the trust in the brand. How much do I really need it to be 10% cheaper if I know that the return is easy, I know the guys, I feel good about it and the experience is great. And as this region is becoming more and more affluent you need to be ready to take care of these customers.” mentioned Jakub Minks from Exponea during TeCOMM Bucharest 2017.

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