We wanted to know more about our speakers and their point of view in this competitive industry, so we set up some interviews that will tell you a little more about their perspective. #TeCOMM asked, Tereza Řezníčková answered. 

1. We rise THE question to the industry: Do you have what it takes to play in the big league? What do you think should every big player must have so he could answer with a confident YES to our question? 🙂

Long term thinking in data management area and automatization. I think its necessary to focus on clean data, good data structure and having the data at one place to be able to analyze it, make a good decisions based on them and automatize.

2. This year’s theme focuses on mistakes. Which is the biggest mistake you have made as a professional in this field and what have you learned from it?

Making assumptions. It took me a while before I discovered that assumptions are a really big part of misunderstandings. It already starts with an assumption we understand each other when we use common words. So I’ve been working a lot lately on a different approach to conversations to make myself understand others better and Im able to recognize misunderstandings much sooner now.

3. Mention 3 brands that you love and why

Amazon – I love their customer centric strategy and how they approach personalization
LEGO – They have top quality products and promote fun and imagination
Exponea – Its the brand my heart beats for and is playful, clever and honest

4. One thing that Google doesn’t know about you

I’m obsessed with picking the right number for my alarm clock using my feelings.

5. The book you are currently reading.

The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell

Tereza’s background is in applied mathematics and has been working in tech world ever since the start of her professional career with current focus on e-commerce.

Her role at Exponea is to ensure value for customers is delivered based on clients long term goals. She works on implementations for e-commerce leaders across Europe.

Meet her at TeCOMM, on 9-10 November at Cluj-Napoca!