“Over 60% of the decision to purchase a brand is digitally influenced” – Carlo Terreni (Netcomm Suisse)

July 5, 2017

Carlo Terreni is co-founder and board member of NetComm Suisse Association. Since August 2012, he is Head of the NetComm Suisse Observatory and he works with passion and determination to help decision makers to exploit the potential of the Swiss and European online market.

“Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing in eCommerce , we do know that on average 15% of the turnover of a fashion company today is related to eCommerce and over 60% of the decision to purchase a brand is digitally influenced, so it’s definitely huge.”

Regarding the challenges that fashion retailers face nowadays…

One of the biggest challenges is that malls are closing because the performance of those stores for example in US is no longer as it was before also due to e-commerce. They do feel a lot of competition from e-retailers. At the same time not many of those fashion companies really understood how to actually benefit from the two channels together and really implement an omnichannel strategy.

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