Cluj City Guide for TeCOMM 2017


Cluj-Napoca is known for:
# the 2015 European Youth Capital
# home of UNTOLD festival 
# Eastern European Silicon Valley
# home of UBB – raking top 500 worldwide best universities
# 2017 Sports Capital in Romania
# home of TIFF – Transylvania International Film Festival


What to do when you get here?

Cluj/Cluj-Napoca/Koloszvar/Klausenburg or whatever you want to call it is located in the heart of Transylvania and our dearest home. Second largest city in Romania, a cultural and university city center, Cluj-Napoca has grown to be a true metropolitan city that amazes everyone who decides to visit or move here. The good vibes, all the activities and wonderful people makes Cluj-Napoca come alive every day and night.

In Cluj-Napoca, opportunities are waiting for you at every corner while personal growth is a must and a skill. Conferences and workshops which are organized here will help you meet new people and develop friendships or business opportunities.

To start with, we gathered some activities and a short guide to help you get around Cluj-Napoca if you are new or if you are looking for help.

Accommodation (where you can stay for TeCOMM)

Cafe (where you can drink your daily cup of coffe)


(the real night life)

Culture and what you can visit (Your daily dose of culture and the night walk )

Restaurants (where you can eat well and good)

Grand Hotel Italia (event location) Meron Café (Napoca ST, Vivo Center, Platinia Center) Euphoria Music Hall Romanian National Opera Baracca
Hampton by Hilton Olivo Café (Eroilor ST) NOA Cinema Zama
Golden Tulip-Ana Dome Starbucks (Iulius & vivo Center) Club Midi Botanic Garden Marty
Hotel Ramada Tucano (Eroilor St) Form Space The art museum and The Transylvanian museum of Ethnography La Piazetta
Opera Plaza Roosts (Unirii St) Games @ Escape Room Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
Habitat Coffe (Ferdinand ST)  Central Park Cabinet de Vine&Cocotte
Iulius Park Indigo