The Catwalk Stage: delivering “tailor made” know how.

Fashion has always been a strong player in eCommerce and now it is taking the online shopping experience to another level. This year we are custom fitting the content to your needs at The Catwalk Stage.

The Catwalk Stage is the section fully dedicated to online fashion shop owners that want to hand tailor their shops to the highest standards and bring the best customer experience.

Why come to The Catwalk Stage:

  • You find out the newest trends in fashion and online shopping from speakers that pull the strings in this industry
  • Gain access to custom made debate and presentation sessions
  • High quality/a portofolio of tips and tricks
  • You get to know people that work in the same field as you, future partners
  • Find out what top brands in this field are doing and how they do it well
  • How top brands plan to integrate the very fashionable omni-channel strategies
  • Networking: we create the context, the rest is up to you
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